“Just got the results today. A six point leap in just six weeks on my son’s ISEE score was incredible and far greater than we even wanted.  I attribute this improvement fully to Katherine’s laser-sharp diligence and deep knowledge. Her professionalism in scheduling, responding to emails, and assembling session summaries was fantastic and brought my son and I consistent peace of mind and confidence.  I overheard many of the sessions and was genuinely impressed by her pace, productivity and connection with my son.  She spoke with him with respect for his capabilities and didn’t ever take the easy route (every topic was covered until he understood).  Kindness was also a hallmark of Katherine’s work style. Katherine is unquestionably a gift to any child she teaches.” –Esther

“Katherine is a wonderful tutor and she will help you get where you need. I needed a lot of help preparing for the GREs. Katherine helped me pick the right materials and resources to fit my needs, made a weekly plan of what to work on during the session and on my own, and even gave me feedback on essays over emails. She will cover all the tricks and strategies of the GRE on top of the material, and give you advice on small changes to your daily routine that can help you in the test. My scores increased tremendously every week, and I felt very prepared walking into the test center. I got scores that I didn’t really think was possible for me, and I absolutely couldn’t have done it without Katherine.” –Karina

Katherine worked with my 10-year-old son to prepare him for the ISEE exam. My son enjoyed the lessons and liked working with Katherine. Katherine taught him helpful strategies and tips, which helped him tremendously in finding the right answers. She also covered material that he was not taught at school, but which is included on the exam. Katherine is patient and supportive, worked well with my son, and helped build knowledge and confidence needed for the exam. She was also accommodating of our schedule and was able to squeeze in the lessons into her already busy calendar. We are very happy we worked with Katherine and will definitely come back to her in the future if we need help. –Irina

We would highly recommend Katherine. She is great with young students and knows how to work with them to drive a positive outcome. –David

I enlisted Katherine’s help for review and study for the GRE. My greatest concern was the math portion. Being that I am highly driven by the humanities and math has always been a extreme challenge for me, I was very nervous about looking at a math problem after not doing so for 8 years. My main concern was that I would have trouble learning what I needed for the math portion of the GRE with a tutor who would not be patient and understanding – it’s hard for a student skilled in one field of study to admit defeat in another, and then get past that emotion to be able to actually learn. Katherine completely dispelled those fears! She was quick to understand how my brain worked and helped me to unpack and understand the problems in front of me in a way that I could grasp. Katherine never once made me feel stupid or silly for what I didn’t understand and, instead, forged forward to provide me with very useful study methods and tools for re-learning the math that I needed and succeeding on the GRE. I am very grateful for Katherine’s innate understanding of her subject matter, patience. and enthusiasm to teach in a way tailored to my style of learning. I would highly recommend Katherine to anyone looking for a tutor that will challenge them scholastically, and do so with respect, compassion, and an instinctual teaching ability. –Lori